Making something funny is another side of the OTAKU-Cluture.NT-Kyoto(京都) is Exhibition and Networking party of the hobbyists.

OTAKU Culture is not only seeing Anime or playing game. Making something Electronics,Machines,Crafts,Books is also one of them. Nico-TECH is society for Making,Developing,Researching something and share on video site.

Exhibits List is here NT京都2016/出展一覧

What is NT-Kyoto?

Exhibition and Networking event of Nico-TECH.Nico-TECH is yet another society of Maker community.

Date2016/3/20(Sun) 9:30〜16:30
PlaceKyoto saiin Kasuga kinder garden and Kasuga Shrine
FeeFree entrance ( with tip)
  • Electronics
  • Mechanicals
  • Crafts
  • Computer system
  • Stage
  • Large one (in Shrine precinct)
    1/1 scale tank model.(It's a model.But it can run!)
    "Hand made Dome 3D projector" gets Blue ribbon prize. http://makerfaire.com/mfarchives/2998/

And 70 more projects in this Exhibition.

How to join as a visitor

You don't need any reservation.Just came please. It is recommended that you bring indoor shoes.

Almost half of exhibitors can speak English. So don't worry.

How to join as exhibitor

Pelase e-mail you.akira.noda@gmail.com.

Is it some of Maker Faire?

Yes,it's like very tiny Maker Faire.But NT-Kyoto has little bit different concept. It's "Enjoy exhibitors".

So we have "Ostensibly of construction Day" (= party! ), Tipping for Exhibition and"TONARIGUMI" rule.

  • BBQ
  • Construction day

TONARIGUMI -- Rule for Taking a break to see other exhibits ,to BBQ and so on.TONARIGUMI is groups consisting of a plurality of exhibitor. At least one person in the group keep exhibit,other person can go to BBQ!

OTAKU things(Near Kyoto)


Street festa in Nipponbashi Osaka.

  • 3/20 at Osaka (1 Hour trip from NT-Kyoto)
  • Cosplay and so on.
  • Nipponbashi is known as 2nd biggest OTAKU Town.
  • photos
  • Web site

Want to see Samurai! Ninja!


Manga museum (Very big manga library)

  • Web site
  • Best Manga Library in Japan.Not only for OTAKU,but also for researchers of Japanese culture.

Railway museum


Other spots in Kyoto

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